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PROTX setup in Instant-Shop 5

Setting up Instant-Shop to work with a Protx credit card clearance account is easy - simply follow the instructions below:

Your Protx account starts in test mode so it can be tested with Instant-Shop to ensure there are no technical problems before the account is made live.

1) Open your Instant-Shop software and select 'Credit Cards' from the 'Options' menu at the top of the screen to open the 'Credit Cards' screen (see screenshot right).

2) Select 'handled by Protx' from the 'Credit Card orders are' pull-down box and enter your Protx Encryption Password and Vendor Name (specified when you created your Protx account) into the 'Password' and 'Login' boxes respectively.

3) Ensure that the 'Credit Cards Test Mode' box is ticked and click 'Save' to record these settings and return to the 'Product Database' screen. Now click 'Upload' to send the new settings to the Instant-Shop server.

4) Once you have uploaded the settings click 'View Site' and place a few test orders on your Instant-Shop web site using the test VISA credit card number '4929 0000 0000 6'.

5) When you are satisfied that the system is working and you can view the transactions in the Protx Admin Area, contact Protx and request that they make your account live.

6) Once your Protx account is live contact Ambrit to activate your shop. Then uncheck the 'Credit Cards Test Mode' box and upload the changes.

7) You have successfully completed setup. Your Instant-Shop can now start taking orders from customers and credit cards will be handled automatically by Protx.

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